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When Weiss was very young, she met her soulmate when what they drew appeared on Weiss' own skin, but one day, they disappeared.

Years later, she meet's her soulmate - Ruby - when her name appears on her own forehead, and the two rekindle the flame between them all while being the one each other need. ”“Yeah.” She faced him head on, “If I’m going to have my first kiss, I’d rather it be with someone who hasn’t had one either.” “Doyoung, you remember that mailman you got fired? Donghyuck did.”“Well, a thunderstorm didn't break the window, MARK DID!

Not everyone agreed, like Captain Marvel, but those who did stayed and it was great.

(Tony also adopted Peter just so he could make sure Peter was safe and would never be hurt again.) Most of humanity has been wiped out by sudden attacks of gruesome, demon-like monsters, only protection serving a gigantic invincible force field of unknown origin.

It wasn't enough to fully protect the citizens since their planet was dying in rapid speed, allowing the monsters to distribute.

Among all the secrets hidden from the public eye, a strong team of specialists is send for a few years to investigate, free territory and prevent the population from starvation. Right at the start of their journey they have to realise their strong connection towards each other, brought together by fate and the heavyness of this apocalyptic/dystopian world.

Take a look at the beautiful, chaotic, yet lovely and admirable family of the married youtubers Kim Jongin and Kim Kyungsoo as they share their cute, fun, memorable and ridiculous moments with their kids online may it be thru Facebook, Twitter, IG and Youtube! Nowadays, he is known as the top hero department student in the entirety of UA and probably the entirety of Japan. ”Her voice was soft, but the wind carried her words to his ear and he seized up. ” Donghyuck stood up and slammed his hands onto the table.“TAEYONG CRIES AFTER SEX” Mark screamed as he also stood up.“WELL, YUTA AND SICHENG ARE DATING!

See how the Kim Family dominates the social media world by their powerful love and strong bond that they share together! But before that, he was just the boy who was kind to you on a school outing for no other reason than to be kind. A quirkless support department student who somehow befriended Mirio. ” Taeyong stuttered out, in a desperate attempt to take the attention off himself.“We've been knew.” Renjun muttered to himself.“MARK KISSES HIS ABBA POSTER EVERY NIGHT BEFORE HE GOES TO SLEEP.” Yuta interjected, before dodging a very angry Mark.

Noctis always feels a little closer whenver he runs his fingers across them.In reality they were stones with a few facets polished on the flat planes.Bruges became a diamond centre because of its active trade with Venice and was soon known for its cut.Description: This is a draft version of a dictionary of the language Mwotlap, spoken in Vanuatu. Diamond as well as other precious stones, came to Europe via the old trading routes, the well known silk road, which connected the Indian coastal area with Constantinople and Alexandria and some time later with Rome in its prospering years via Persia and Turkey or the Persian Gulf.AU #SWANQUEEN Just a small one-shot based on Jeongguk's perspective of the youth and his relationship with his soulmates, as well as the gratitude of the younger towards them.